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Fall Run & Gun Box LAX

The Registration "Fall Run & Gun Box LAX" is not currently available.


1st - 4th Graders
5th - 8th Graders

SEP 9 - OCT 28

Mondays and Wednesdays 430-6pm


Foothill Ranch Community Park

COST: $325 - Includes reversible jersey

  • Late Registration: $350 August 31

Fall Run & Gun Lacrosse

Welcome to our Fall Run & Gun League.  This is a “house” league - focused on fundamental and skill development amongst Rebels players only, with intermittent scrimmages against one another.

Level 1: 1st - 4th Grade Players
Level 2: 5th - 8th Grade Players

  • Players are responsible for all of their own gear & water.  Players must have a helmet, mouthpiece, stick, gloves & arm pads to be eligible to play each day. 
  • All players will get a reversible jersey with their registration. 

Field Location & Details:

  • We are currently waiting on field availability.  We will provide more details about fields as soon as we can.
  • The field will either be in Lake Forest or Rancho Santa Margarita.

General Outline for Session Plans:

  • The first half of each session will consist of stick-work, warm ups and skill-specific training.
  • The second half of each session will be focused around a series of drills developing one specific aspect of the game (fast breaks, offense, defense, shooting, unsettled scenarios, etc.) and scrimmage/pick-up style playing.
  • We will split the players into different teams every day and allow the players some time to play.  The intention here is to let them apply what they’ve learned while allowing them the time to be creative and have fun with the game.
  • Teams will be changed every practice, though we may try to craft specific teams toward the end of season to create some additional competition.