Box lacrosse, also known as indoor lacrosse, is an indoor version of lacrosse played in Canada and becoming very popular in the US. Box lacrosse is played between two teams of six players (5 field players + 1 goalie per team), with all five playing both offense and defense.  Box is played in a hockey rink, fully enclosed with boards, so there are fewer balls out of play, fewer stoppages in play, and more rebounds.  


  1. Playing in closer spaces means stick skills have to be precise, and decisions must be made quickly.  Stick handling and field awareness improve tremendously after a season of box lacrosse. 
  2. The speed of the game is much faster than anything you would see outdoors.  Most of today's college players and coaches credit box lacrosse as a reason for their success.
  3. Shots come hard and fast. Shooters learn to shoot from outside and with very little room.  Goalies see more shots in a shorter period of time, so reaction time become much quicker.