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Pop Lacrosse Clinics

What is Pop Lacrosse?

Coach Adam learned Pop lacrosse when we worked for a year with England Lacrosse in Manchester.  He taught boys and girls the basics of lacrosse - shopping, cradling, catching, throwing - all in a fun, competitive environment.  This year, we are bringing Pop Lacrosse to Orange County!

Pop Lacrosse is intended for all new players - boys & girls - in grades K-5.  Pop is non-contact, fast paced and helps players learn the fundamentals of lacrosse.


Pop Lacrosse Details

English Pop Players

  • Boys & Girls
  • Ages 5-11 (K-6)
  • 6 1-hour sessions: 3 instructional/training sessions, 3 focused on games
  • Fridays from 5-6:00pm, September 8 - October 13
  • No Equipment Necessary!
  • Cost: $99 ($125 after August 1)
  • We will run new Pop leagues throughout the year!


Pop Lacrosse Rules

  • Teams will be a maximum of 8 players, with 4 players on the field at a time.
  • 4 vs. 4 games, with substitutions happening on the fly.  All players play offense and defense.  No goalies.
  • 4 10 minute running time quarters with time adjustments based on age/level of players.
  • Shots must be taken from outside of the crease, and inside of the "arc".
  • No stick or body contact.
  • No intentional shooting/passing the ball off of another player.
  • No dangerous passing or shooting "blind".
  • No dangerous follow through with stick.
  • No entry into goal crease (except after a goal is scored).
  • No trapping/guarding a loose ball.
  • Maximum 4 second possession of the ball by a player (which cannot be increased by throwing/rolling to oneself)
  • No defending goal by standing in the arc front of goal (except it a sticks length away from an attacking opponent)
  • After a goal, ball is immediately retrieved from the goal and play resumes in the opposite direction (similar to basketball).